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JANDA BAIK?? Hmmm….I've only heard about this place and have only seen this place in the television. When Amichin told the three of us, Azwa, Hasanah and I that we were going to Janda Baik, I was surprised as I have never ever thought of going there. I did not know much about this place. I only knew that it is like a village but maybe a bit more modern with facilities and the houses which are made by bricks with magnificent design and not to forget its wonderful landscape. Amichin told us that there is a big screen that enables us to watch television together comfortably as it is accommodate with chairs and tables. There is also a swimming pool for us to swim and a river which flows just opposite the place that we are going to stay. Amichin's description about the place has made me to look forward to go to this place. I was so excited to go to this place called Janda Baik.

It was on Sunday, the day that I have been waiting for. Why??!!! Hey!!! I am going to JANDA BAIK!!! The place that I have heard a lot from Amichin makes me longing to go there. We waited for my family who came with Syafiq from Penang . We headed to Janda Baik at about 5 pm . The journey made me sick as the road leading to Janda Baik was like MERRY GO ROUND!!! I hope this place that we are going is worth it. I was right!!! The place, called Aman Rimba is fantastic. WOW!!!! It has many trees labeled with their scientific names, a unique gateway made of rocks, a swimming pool, 20 feet deep lake, two parrots in a bird cage, three beautiful chalets, a long house and a dining area named PANDAN. We were welcomed by the owner of this wonderful place who is also Amichin's friend, Uncle Sabri and his wife. They welcomed us with a cucumber drink and rojak. The cucumber drink prepared to rejuvenate us was superb. We were given chalets for us to sleep. The boys and girls, both was given a chalet each. Encik Razi brought us around the Aman Rimba to familiarize us with the surroundings. After we cleaned ourselves up, we went to PANDAN to have our dinner. The menu for that night is steamboat. I enjoyed myself eating steamboat especially when the prawns were served. It is my favourite. After we had our dinner, we sang a birthday song for Ilham as that day was his birthday. After that, we watch a movie, Ratatouille. Then, we went to sleep.

The next day, all of us woke up early as we were all going for a morning walk around the area. I found out that it was a magnificent place with many trees, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It was breath taking, with fresh air and the surroundings was quite cooling. About two hours walking, we reached at the chalet. We had our breakfast and were interviewing our pair so that we are able to know them better. Not surprisingly, the GIRLS won. Unfortunately, the boy's team have passed the passing mark. What a waste!! We could have seen them walking like a duck to the swimming pool. Haih!!! We then went for a swim. We swam for quite some time before going to the river to swim. When we get into the river, no one swim, as the water flows quite fast and the water was so cold!! It was like we were in the ice water. However, we enjoyed the cold and refreshing river water and took pictures while Amichin took a video. It was then time for us to take a proper bath.

I was astonished, when I found out that it was already mid-day!! Time flies when we are having fun. By the time we were ready, it was time to have lunch. With fish curry, “kerabu mempelam” and many more delicious food has made my mouth watery. After the long hours playing in the swimming pool, I ate two plates of rice. After that, I took a nap for about two hours, before having tea. Then I played basketball with Syifa, before I watched the boys and girls swimmed. After cleaning ourselves up and pray, we had our dinner. Then, it was time to surprise my mom and dad as their anniversary was on the 24 th December 2008 . I enjoyed the cake. KARAOKOE TIME??? I have never ever sing in front of everyone. Since there were no one there except for us, I dare to sing. I was not shocked to see my marks as I have already knew that I cannot sing well. It was quite embarrassing as I don't have a sweet voice like SITI NURHALIZA. Anyway, 46 was not that bad for a beginner like me. I sang three or four songs.The others also sang as well. Syifa and Hasanah were enjoying themselves dancing together with Aishah. At about 11 pm , we watched the video taken by Amichin that day. Then it was time for us to go to bed.

The next morning was the last day for us in Janda Baik as Syifa, Hasanah, my family and I were going to Genting Highlands while the others, Amichin and his family, Ilham, Danial and Syafiq were heading to Bukit Jelutong. We packed our bag and tidy our bed before having our breakfast. The GIRLS team was announced as a winner by Amichin and we were given green packets. As to claim the boys dignity, the GIRLS team was told to play a foosball against the boys. As it was more to a boy's game, the GIRLS team lost. I would say that it was a close fight. We then, loaded the car with our bags and then waited for Uncle Sabri to come. Unfortunately, he can't make it. Amichin gave us a speech, then followed by Danial representing the boy's team and then Hasanah who represented the GIRLS team. My dad also gave a speech. Then we took a group photo, before heading to our destinations.

Aman Rimba is a wonderful place with so much greenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a place which is very close to mother nature. It is an ideal place for family, friends and tourists to stay for a vacation with the great service provided especially the superb food that will make anyone enjoys the food. The peaceful environment makes it a place that everyone wants to go. I would like to thank Amichin and Aunty Dal for bringing us there as I am so sure that I would never ever get this very private and exciting vacation. THANK YOU to Aishah and Hafiy for suggesting their parents to bring us to AMAN RIMBA. THANK YOU!!!

by: alyaa26


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